Prepaid local SIM cards for Afghanistan

Make incredible savings on calls, texts and data whilst in Afghanistan by using a local Afghan SIM.

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Afghan Sim Card Information

How Does It Work

Select the sim card you would like for your trip, optionally adding on any required credits.
We will then post the sim to you anywhere in the world
You will receive your Afghan mobile number, which you will be able to give out to your friends, family and colleagues before you head off.
Ritesim will be able to activate your sim card for you so that it is ready to use upon arrival saving you the hassle, or you could choose to find a shop after you arrive in Afghanistan.
When on the plane simply place the sim into your unlocked phone, and when you step off you are ready to go!

Network Coverage

Network coverage and internet access in Afghanistan are excellent in the largest cities with national coverage, though rural areas may have limited reception.

Will these sim cards work with my mobile phone? a) Phone Unlocking

Your phone must be sim free or unlocked for it to be compatible with these sim cards.
If you are on a contract you can call your network provider and ask them to unlock your phone. They will give you a code to be able to do this, and it should be free although some operators do charge a small fee.
Alternatively, you will be able find a small mobile phone accessory shop to assist you in most major high streets or shopping centres. This only takes five minutes and will cost around

Will these sim cards work with my mobile phone? b) Telephone Frequency

Each country's networks use one of four mobile frequencies. These frequencies are 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.
The mobile network frequencies used in Afghanistan are 900 and 1800 MHz, and these are the frequencies also used in all of mainland Europe, Asia and Africa.
Most smartphones will work on three of the frequencies (this is called tri-band) and so should cover Afghanistan, however if you are unsure then the website will be able to help you to ensure that your phone works on the required frequency. Just click on your brand of phone on the left hand side to get started.

Dialling codes

The dialling code for Afghanistan is +93. This means that for someone at home trying to reach you when you are in Afghanistan, they need to add +93 before your mobile number.
If you need further help, then this website will lay it out clearly for you

How much data will I need?

Data usages vary greatly from person to person, however it may help to know that the average usage in Europe is around 500 MB per month
The charges for data roaming on your own contract sim card or with a global sim card (multi-country) can be extremely high so we would suggest that you take great care looking into the potential costs of your data usage abroad.
Please use our Data Calculator to see how much data you would need, and just how much you could save by using a local prepaid sim card.

Local SIM cards for Afghanistan for solo and business travellers

Afghanistan is a tricky place to visit at the moment. It’s a world away from backpacking through Thailand or Goa. You’ll need to research carefully and get a lot of safety information on board before you even consider where you could go. Check your country’s advice on travelling - currently the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends against all travel to some areas and against non-essential travel to the rest of the country.

But if you are brave enough, or you find yourself needing to go for some other reason, whether business or pleasure then there are many delights to be discovered.

It’s a volatile and openly hostile area in most parts but Kabul, Mazar-eSharif and Northeastern Afghanisan is the home of the country’s most sacred sites. With the right preparations and a constant level of alertness, travel to Afghanistan is possible but it’s perhaps more important than ever in a country going through such turmoil to be in effective communication with your fellow travellers and those back home.

At Ritesim you’ll find local prepaid SIM cards for Afghanistan, which give you the benefit of a local Afghanistan phone number, local rates for texts, calls and data, free incoming calls and cheap international calls. There are different SIM card sizes available with different pre loaded packages of credit so make sure you check out the product pages for all the details as well as ordering and activation information.